Why the rebrand?

A lot of you have asked me why we have decided to rebrand this year and so I thought the best way to explain it was to write a short and sweet blog post about it. Since you must not be signed up to my mailing list if you missed out on the WHY, here is what the email said plus a little more in detailed explanation:

I hope you all had a wonderful well deserved break over Christmas time and are back into the swing of things for the New Year.

Farmer Tom and I have some big plans for 2018 and we hope you all do too!

Towards the end of last year our business really started to broaden its horizons and grow into a real community platform after hosting over 50+ workshops across the year. Over the break Tom and I realised we really have the chance with this business and the community created so far to make a difference. We decided we really wanted to utilise the website to not only educate the community through workshops but also work on ways to give back to the community through projects... as you will see with our new projects tab.

Our brand was already out growing our initial plans ... so we needed to grow with it.  

Why my name? Well I guess I thought why the hell not? I practice what I preach I am my business just like Jamie Oliver is his, Sarah Wilson dominates hers along with Chef Pete Evans and many more famous entrepreneurs. We all start somewhere so I guess this is our start...

This year we will be very active on our social media platforms with our subscribers being able to expect a newsletter either weekly or fortnightly depending on how much progress has been made with our projects, recipes have been created and blog posts have been written about low tox living. 

We aim to really focusing upon:

  1. Reducing waste in our household and teaching you all how wherever we can!
  2. Really expanding our garden and giving you all tips on how to start your own as well as videos/tutorials on creating compost bins and garden beds etc.
  3. Educating the community through workshops which involve cooking, gardening and of course low tox living.
  4. Lastly, really aiming to create a platform for community events to take place. 

We want to thank you all for the support in 2017 and wish you all health & happiness for the year ahead because really what more do you need...

We look forward to your support for 2018,

Sofie & Farmer Tom xx