Kombucha Pouch

Kombucha Pouch


Can’t attend one of Sofie’s Fermenting Workshops? Don’t stress you can still get your hands on a KOMBUCHA SCOBY to DIY at home!

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Pouch Contents:

  • 1 x healthy SCOBY with 250mls starter tea

Want to start brewing your own Kombucha at home? Well you now can with the Yogi Beer Kombucha SCOBYS.

All of the fermenting cultures are healthy and fresh (not dehydrated) and are sent directly from the Yogi Beer warehouse after being professionally brewed with love and affection. These cultures are 100% reusable and as long as you keep looking after them you will continue to be able to use them for your at home fermentation!

The kit comes with instructions which teaches you how brew your own Kombucha at home.

Packed & Delivered within 7-10 business days. Shipping in Australia only.