Guilt Free Easter eBook!

Guilt Free Easter eBook!

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Thanks for dropping by,

I really enjoyed putting these recipes together in my own kitchen to bring you "Guilt Free Easter" and I hope you do too in yours once you get your hands on the eBook!

I think it is great to enjoy the different holidays throughout the year but I honestly feel my guts just can't handle being trashed with all of the 'shitty' ingredients found in pre packaged food anymore, especially not Easter Eggs! That level of tolerance is all gone and I think so many of us are in that boat after creating intolerances and allergies to soo many foods these days. I hope these recipes help you to enjoy a Guilt Free Easter where your guts don't need a detox after because they don't feel worse then they did beforehand. 

I also hope you find it caters for all of your dietary needs because as someone who struggles with being that 'difficult' person all of the time I think it is nice to find recipes that cover all basis. 

Recipes include:

easter eggs

caramel filling + more filling ideas

chocolate bird nests

marshmallow gummies

rocky road

drinking chocolate

carrot cake bliss balls

carrot cake cupcakes

coconut cashew frosting

raw carrot cake cheesecake

gf baked carrot cake

kombucha & pineapple cashew icing

hot cross bun bliss balls

caramel choc fudge brownie


Caters for: paleo, dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free, vegan & vegetarian.