Upcoming projects.

The projects page will be a platform for Sofie & Tom to showcase their upcoming community events they have organised as well as explaining in what ways you can be involved if you choose to do so. 


feb fast australia

Tom and I have signed up for Feb Fast Aus pause for a cause challenge this year in order to raise money to support disadvantaged youths and we want you to join us. For the month of Feb we will be giving up waste, so we will be doing what we can to not produce any waste for the month of Feb in our household! You can register to give up something also for the month of February whether that is alcohol or sugar or no waste and raise money to go towards our team goal of $5000 or you can choose to donate... whether it is $2 or $200 it all counts. 

We look forward to seeing what you all achieve and appreciate your support.

 New Years Day beach clean up at Rainbow Beach, QLD. 

New Years Day beach clean up at Rainbow Beach, QLD. 

clean up australia day

We are very passionate about taking care of the environment and assisting where we can in community projects. That is why this year we will be registering and organising a number of group 'Clean Up Australia Day' locations to try do our little bit.

If this is something you would like to be involved in or cannot take part on the day but want to donate you can register below. 

 Watermelon we harvested from our garden

Watermelon we harvested from our garden

ipswich Community garden & composting

A major goal of ours for 2018 is to set up an Ipswich community garden and composting location. Where people within the community can come and learn the basics of gardening, set up their own veggie patch and compost all of their kitchen scraps. In the aim to encourage people to not only eat more vegetables & fruit, but to understand how food is grown, the benefits of reducing waste through composting and enticing them to spend time outdoors.

Stay tuned for this project it will be a big one, however is going to take some time! Currently we are in the process of:

  • Discussing locations & permits with the council

  • Looking into funding avenues for the project
  • Community Involvement

At this stage we are organising a portion of my workshop tickets to fund the project, depending on what costing is involved. 

If you would like to be involved in anyway fill out the form below so we can get in contact.

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