About sofie

Sofie is a nutritionist, foodie, passionate gut health advocate, chicken mumma, suburban farmer and the brains behind her workshop business. She loves to cook wholesome food based on ingredients your grandparents would recognise as food. Sofie believes that being well, healthy & happy begins in the gut and loves to demonstrate just how simple that can be. 

Sofie has certainly experienced her own health struggles when it comes to gut health and women's health. After being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and endometriosis along her health journey. 

'AN Asian holiday left Sofie van Kempen with far more than she bargained for. It also helped determine her future line of work.

“I was unwell for quite a long time after picking up three parasites from a trip to Thailand and ended up with a bowel disease from the damage done,” says the 24-year-old nutritionist.

“I was so unwell for such a long time I was at my wit’s end and decided I needed to educate myself about how to improve and rebuild my own gut health, as no one else was going to do it for me.”

So began Sofie’s journey into food and how it can be used to improve our health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally.'

Ros Pulley writes from the Cairns Post.

Quite a few years later Sofie was also diagnosed with endometriosis after having a laparoscopy and has undergone hormonal treatment to work on her menstrual health and balancing out her hormones.

You can always rely on Sofie's honest approach to understanding your own individual health as she has been there and done that.

Sofie leads her life with her partner Tom aka Farmer Tom. They grow produce, cook real food, parent chooks, eat organic, opt for no processed food, preservatives and additives especially with Sofie's health conditions. They do their best to live a waste free lifestyle and try to educate and assist whenever they can through workshops and social media.

 Nutritionist, Sofie van Kempen featured.

Nutritionist, Sofie van Kempen featured.

 Sofie & partner Tom.

Sofie & partner Tom.