My experience with essential oils… & why i love them


What are essential oils? & more importantly why dottera oils…

What are essential oils?

It is important to also note… NOT ALL OILS ARE CREATED EQUAL and if you know me you know it is quality over quantity all day everyday. I care hugely about what I put on and in my body.

doTERRA have created a product that is pure, harvested straight from the earth and extracted in such a particular way each tiny molecule is preserved in the oil.

They are also a company with great morals and sustainability practices from the ground up.

how do i use them?

You all know I am a bit of a DIY queen, low tox liver and lover of anything that improves your gut health. I had a few followers and workshop attendees ask me about essential oils as they have seen me using them here and there and the interest has only grown.

Essential Oils became an important part of my health journey years ago when initially treating my parasites. I would ingest oregano oil daily as well as rosemary to not only kill my taste buds (god it is intense), or smell like walking pizza but most importantly to help kill the parasites during my natural parasitic treatment. Oregano is a seriously potent, hot oil, that has been used for YEARS as a natural anti biotic. 

When I initially removed all of the toxic cleaning products from my household I found the natural cleaners I either made or bought needed more... so I started to add lemongrass oil, lemon oil, wild orange, on guard or tea tree oil to my cleaning products for not only the smell but for the anti bacterial properties, disinfectant effect as well as being great natural germ repellants and immune supporters. 

Or whether it was a dash of peppermint oil or digest zen in my water to cool my digestive system and a bath in lavender oil with magnesium to assist in relaxation. These oils have become a non negotiable in my everyday health routine, even just being more present in my life when I use them.  


want essential oils for yourself?

To reap the benefits of essential oils you do not need to sell them, you can purely just create a wholesale account for yourself to order discounted doTERRA. Or if you wish to be able to sign up friends or want to share the benefits of the oils through workshops or running your yoga classed or at work you can set yourself up as a wellness advocate account where you can also help friends sign up (like I do!). Mon and I can guide you on how to do this.

Like with everything I never do it for the money but there is no denying it is great to be paid for what you love doing all day everyday. I never think of doTERRA like a network marketing scheme I think of it like any of my other workshops where I focus on helping others improve their overall health and wellness. If the oils didn’t align with my health journey or play an important role this page wouldn’t be here.


  1. Click here to start and follow the steps below

  2. Click Join & Save up the top of the webpage

  3. Select your country/language

  4. If you just what to get these oils into your life at a more affordable price, select Wholesale Customer. If you are wanting to be mentored by us and build your own doTERRA business, select Wellness Advocate. Both options get you wholesale prices (25% off)

  5. Create an account by filling out your details

  6. At *Enroller id*, enter my number: 6499080, then click verify (Sofie van Kempen)

  7. Now select an enrolment kit. Tom and I just started with a handful of oils that I felt I really needed at the time, however there are loads of oil options for everyone’s needs. Choosing a kit is the most cost-effective way to get started however if you just wish to just choose the Enrolment/Welcome pack first you can.

  8. Complete your purchase and you now have a doTERRA account.

Monique and I can join you up to our FB oils community and we will send you an email about joining our mailing lists if you wish to be kept up to date with oil recipes, DIYs or doTERRA specials.

*If this all seems a little to overwhelming or confusing for you I can certainly help set you up just send me an email