Crap Free Christmas, Edition 2018 (Downloadable eBook)

Crap Free Christmas, Edition 2018 (Downloadable eBook)


20+ gut-loving dairy and gluten-free Chrissy recipes by Sof and Shan

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Crap Free Christmas, 2018 Edition (Downloadable eBook)

Nutritionist Sofie van Kempen and Shan Cooper from My Food Religion have created their Crap Free Christmas Recipe Book to help you healthily navigate your way through the Festive Season! They have created healthy hacks for all of our Christmas Favs including Rum balls, Apricot balls, Paleo Christmas Cake w Pouring Custard, Mojitos, White Christmas, Gingerbread Cookies, Turkey Stuffing, Dips and much more. With over 20+ gut-loving dairy and gluten free recipes in their book.

They have two versions of their Crap Free Christmas one is a printed hard copy A5 recipe book and the other is an online downloadable eBook. You are currently purchasing their online downloadable eBook version.

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