We just became more bad-ass than ever...

Well I know what you are all thinking... we need to print branded mousepads and stubby holders because Tom and I just became a really really ridiculously big deal with our new branding! (not that we weren't already, am I right...) I say 'our' new branding with Tom first because anyone who has followed along my business journey these last couple of years knows Tom plays a huge behind the scenes role in my business... sets up and packs down all of the workshops, does all of the washing, cleaning, fermenting kit prep, role ticking, chair stacking, ingredients shopping - you name it he does it. I guess really you could say he is the backbone to this business without Tom it just all wouldn't be possible. I actually genuinely wish deep down I had half the work ethic Tom has, boy can that kid work and give it his all. Tom is 100% or nothing kind of guy and I sincerely admire that within him - anyway enough about Tom.

I think back to when I decided to start running my own business, boy did I feel like a strong, independent women! It all began with hosting workshops... I wanted to reach a larger audience than just with one on one Nutrition consults, I wanted it to be affordable and more importantly I wanted to attract a crowd who are on their own health journeys and wanting to learn. Boy have I met some amazing people over my workshop time - what a hilarious and support (harmless) gang we have formed. 

I have certainly learnt more on this journey than I bargained for and I have most definitely had my ups and downs, but you have to grow with your growth so here we are. Running this business has definitely made me a stronger person with more of a 'who gives a shit attitude' and I am really loving that about my self growth that. I LOVE that I don't give a shit because I think in society these days if you run a business and you do it will literally make or break you... I don't mean I don't give a shit about my presentations or my attendees and so on... I mean I have to laugh off the shitty situations and not sweat the stuff that will ruin my week or lose me money (you know the just general shitty crap that can inevitably ruin your week). 

I also can't thank everyone enough who has attended my workshops, bought my ebooks, re created my recipes, sent me wonderful feedback and has referred me to their friends. You guys make it all happen (after Tom... haha!). 

I will quit the sloppy crap now... basically long story short I have been wanting to expand my business and the next part of that process was getting a real 'identity' for the business and take it to another level with all of the exciting projects I am currently working on. 

The below is an email I sent out at the beginning of the year before I had serious problems with my endometriosis and had my operation... lost my fingernails, had a bleeding scalp, you know life just got in the way for a little bit. So I guess you could say we are kind of back here again at square one which can be frustrating but sometimes you do go two steps forward, one step back and two steps forward again... so here we are going two steps forward. 

I hope you all had a wonderful well deserved break over Christmas time and are back into the swing of things for the New Year.

Farmer Tom and I have some big plans for 2018 and we hope you all do too!

Towards the end of last year our business really started to broaden its horizons and grow into a real community platform after hosting over 50+ workshops across the year. Over the break Tom and I realised we really have the chance with this business and the community created so far to make a difference. We decided we really wanted to utilise the website to not only educate the community through workshops but also work on ways to give back to the community through projects... as you will see with our new projects tab.

Our brand was already out growing our initial plans ... so we needed to grow with it.  

Why my name? Well I guess I thought why the hell not? I practice what I preach I am my business just like Jamie Oliver is his, Sarah Wilson dominates hers along with Chef Pete Evans and many more famous entrepreneurs. We all start somewhere so I guess this is our start...

This year we will be very active on our social media platforms with our subscribers being able to expect a newsletter either weekly or fortnightly depending on how much progress has been made with our projects, recipes have been created and blog posts have been written about low tox living. 

We aim to really focusing upon:

  1. Reducing waste in our household and teaching you all how wherever we can!
  2. Really expanding our garden and giving you all tips on how to start your own as well as videos/tutorials on creating compost bins and garden beds etc.
  3. Educating the community through workshops which involve cooking, gardening and of course low tox living.
  4. Lastly, really aiming to create a platform for community events to take place. 

We want to thank you all for the support in 2017 and wish you all health & happiness for the year ahead because really what more do you need...

We look forward to your support for 2018,

Sofie & Farmer Tom xx

So where are we now? What has changed? As always A LOT.

  • We have updated and changed all of our branding as you are only a certain level of bad-ass until you have bad-ass branding.
  • Our new website is nearly finished its upgrade and it will be awesome (of course).
  • I am currently working on some really exciting projects... *cough* hard copy cookbook *cough*
  • I am also putting together an online gut focused program (don't hold your breath...)
  • We are moving into the School sector with healthy hospitality classes and community gardening!
  • We have expanded our workshops... we head off to run workshops in Townsville, Airlie Beach next month with Melbourne and Sydney following on in October - how cool is that huh! I know what you are all thinking... I am basically famous? Can I claim that yet?

Stay tuned gang. Awesome things coming to this space.

Love, Sof & Farmer Tom

Tom's beard really shows me up in this photo... cheers Tom.

Tom's beard really shows me up in this photo... cheers Tom.