Fermenting Grains, Beans, Nuts & Seeds


Do you have trouble digesting grains, beans, nuts and seeds? I find if I ferment mine before cooking them it helps my digestive system to break them down. Basically they aren't left undigested in my stole (if you know me well enough you know I can't resist throwing in some poo chat) and I also absorb my nutrients better.

Great idea to do this to aid your digestion even if you don't find you have too much difficulty digesting them  you know me.. all about that gut health plus really you don't know until you try it! The amount of people who have attended one of my gut health workshops and realised after implementing a few remedies at home they are actually bloated and have been for a long time but never even realised as they thought that was the 'norm.' Basically to ferment the seeds, beans, nuts and grains you need to cover with warm (room temp) filtered water for 24-48 hours and add a tbsp of acid (lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or pure whey) to each cup of seeds/grains etc you will be using. Leave on the bench to ferment and after the time is up drain the liquid, rinse and drain again. Now utilise and cook the seeds/grains as usual - simple as that! 

What does this do?? All grains contain phytic acid (anti nutrient compound) that can block/inhibit the body’s absorption of some nutrients especially iron and zinc (phytic acid consumption does however also have a few benefits). However if you have poor digestion or digestive issues soaking your grains breaks down the outer layers that contain the phytic acid and enables your body to more effectively digest the grains and absorb the nutrients from them as well as whatever else is being digested in your gut at the same time. A great sign you aren't digesting your food absorbing your nutrients properly is when you notice the undigested food in your stool (not corn it is always there). 

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Make sure you have purchased a good quality apple cider vinegar so it has those digestive enzymes & bacteria present to ferment. 


This process is different to soaking where you use water and sometimes salt to soak and activate the nuts and seeds beforehand and then dry them to sit in the cupboard to eat. 

I will definitely be elaborating on this blog in the next few days to come. So post any questions you have below about this process and I will add them in as I add to the blog,

Sofie x

The filtered water starts to become quite murky during the fermentation process.

The filtered water starts to become quite murky during the fermentation process.