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Sofie van Kempen is a qualified nutritionist, foodie, passionate gut health advocate, chicken mumma, suburban farmer and the brains behind her workshop business. She loves to cook wholesome food based on ingredients your grandparents would recognise as food. Sofie believes that being well, healthy & happy begins in the gut and loves to demonstrate just how simple that can be. 

Sofie leads her life with her partner Tom aka Farmer Tom. They grow produce, cook real food, parent chooks, eat organic, opt for no processed food, preservatives and additives especially with Sofie's health conditions. They do their best to live a waste free lifestyle and try to educate and assist whenever they can through workshops and social media.

Sofie offers:

  • Workshops & Cooking demos

  • Healthy Hospitality Classes

  • Speaking Opportunities

  • Expert Nutrition Advice

  • Recipe Development

  • Magazine Features & Blogs

  • Social Media Collaborations

  • Brand/Product Ambassadorship

The friendliest lunchbox printed recipe book, pre sale available

25+ real food lunchbox recipes LAUNCHING SOON


keto is the new black. Workshops coming up!

It's the new Paleo. We all know someone who is 'doing keto' right now which is fine and I personally think keto has some amazing applications and some truly epic effects when done correctly. What I am not seeing a lot of is the 'done correctly' part of the equation. There seems to be a cr@ptonne of bacon fried in butter with a side of cheese and I'm totally 'keto'. Well Brian, perhaps you are #keto but you sure as $hit won't be #healthy or pooing if you keep that up and we all know that if you don't eat right, you don't poo, if you don't poo, you die. So there's that. Luckily for you kids who are keen to learn more about real food and nourishing keto and low carb food, Shan and I are going to paint the town red with some workshops for you. 


Cabbage patch kids

I think it is safe to say Farmer Tom is the green thumb in this bad-ass duo (yes I am a self proclaimed bad-ass) Tom grows the veggies, I cook the veggies. Tom and I kind of go together like peas and carrots really. We would love to help educate you on how to grow your own produce at home, whether it is talking about soil, planting, seasonal produce, harvesting etc. In our Grow platform we aim to help educate you on how to grow your own produce at home, whether it is talking about soil, planting, seasonal produce, harvesting etc. We are no experts however we seem to have a pretty awesome garden set up so we (Tom) are obviously doing something right. There is a huge focus across our grow platform for aiming towards organic, spray free and sustainable practice.


Do Collagen Supplements Actually work?

Main points covered in this blog:

  • What the heck is collagen?

  • Do we naturally produce collagen or do we need a supplement?

  • How does collagen work? Does it work?

  • The best collagen products on the market!


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Are Essential oils for you?

Essential Oils became an important part of my health journey years ago when initially treating my parasites. I would ingest oregano oil to not only kill my taste buds but also to help kill the parasites during my natural treatment. When I removed all of the toxic cleaning products from my household I would add lemongrass oil, lemon oil or tea tree oil to my cleaning products. A dash of peppermint oil in my water to cool my digestive system and a bath in lavender oil with magnesium to assist in relaxation. These oils have become a non negotiable in my everyday health routine and I would love to educate you on how they can benefit you.

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